Adirondack Wetlands: Barnum Bog at the Paul Smiths VIC (16 June 2012)

Adirondack Wetland Monitoring Program:
Citizen Science Training Workshop I: Frogs and Toads
Saturday, 19 April 2014
2:00 - 5:00 PM

Amphibians of the Adirondacks: Green Frog on Heron Marsh at the Paul Smiths VIC (19  May 2012)Amphibians of the Adirondacks: Green Frog from the Heron Marsh Trail boardwalk (19 May 2012)

Be part of a new citizen science monitoring program focused on Adirondack wetlands. This program provides an opportunity for Adirondack enthusiasts of all ages to get outside and explore some of the most unique wetlands in the northeast while also learning how to collect critical information on the animals and plants found in these special places.

The Adirondack Wetland Monitoring Program, using a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, will use citizen scientists to gather environmental data on Adirondack wetlands. The project involves

Citizen scientist teams made up of local community members will use this data to assist the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) evaluate the influence of climate change on wetlands within the park. This information will help the Park Agency manage its wetland protection programs and continue to adapt to the effects of climate change. There are two training sessions:

The program focuses on amphibians, birds, and plants because these taxa are known to be responding to climate change.

These workshops will provide you with the tools and information needed to participate in this new wetland monitoring program.  The main goal of the program is to gather information on the phenology of Adirondack wetlands. Phenology is the timing of biological events such as flowering, breeding, or migratory species arrival.

In this first training session, focusing on amphibians, we will begin with an overview of the project and then proceed with hands-on instruction in field techniques used to record phenological data for wetland frogs and toads. Trained participants will be able to enroll in the long-term monitoring program committed to improving our understanding of Adirondack wetlands and conserving these unique places for future generations.

Both training sessions are free. You can download a copy of the Citizen Scientist Handbook, by clicking here. For more information and to sign up for the training workshop, contact:



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