Adirondack Wetlands: Heron Marsh at the Paul Smiths VIC (23 April 2013)

New Moon Art Show: Plein Air Paint-Out
Paint-Out: 15-17 April 2016
Art Show in the VIC Great Room: 20 April - 31 May 2016

Edith Urban: The Giant's Pillow Edith Urban: The Giant's Pillow

Sampling of Images in the 2016 VIC Paint-Out Exhibit

Charles Atwood King: Boreal Trail View
Charles Atwood King: Boreal Trail View

Invited Plein Air painters were out painting on the trails at the Paul Smith's College VIC from 15 to 17 April 2016. Spectators were welcome to come and watch! It was a great opportunity to meet with and talk to the artists, get some exercise, and enjoy the natural environment at the same time. The artists then framed up their wet paintings and hung the show on 20 April.

The VIC – with a variety of natural settings, including mountains, old growth forest, bogs, streams, marsh, beaver lodges, and Adirondack lean-tos – is a popular destination for both artists and photographers.

Diane Leifert: For Maurice
Diane Leifert: For Maurice

Although the VIC has miles to trails to tempt both artists and photographers, many of the most scenic views are within a mile or so of the VIC Building. This year's paint-out produced several haunting views of Heron Marsh and Saint Regis Mountain, with many artists choosing to focus on the iconic Eastern White Pine island on the Barnum Brook Trail. Other artists captured the early spring colors of Barnum Bog from the Boreal Life Trail board walk. Some of the paintings reveal the artist's fascination with the ever-changing patterns produced by sun and shadow. Other paintings highlight details along the VIC trails, concentrating on trees, rocks, or individual plants. Over half of the paintings feature water -- the still water of a pool on Heron Marsh or the moving water of Barnum Brook.

The following artists took part in the 2016 paint-out and the subsequent exhibit:

The paintings produced over the weekend will remain on exhibit for viewing and sale until May 31. Free admission.

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