Adirondack Wildflowers:  Whorled Wood Aster on the Boreal Life Trail (30 July 2012)

Life on the Lakes Juried Art Show
16 June - 15 July 2015

Ed Williams. Missing Out. First Prize PhotographyEd Williams: "Missing Out" – First Prize Photography The Paul Smith’s College VIC will host a Juried Art Show from 16 June through 15 July 2015. An artist reception will be held on 21 June from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  The theme of the show will be “Life on the Lakes.”




Best in Show     


1st Place Photography Piece 


1st Place Other Medium  


Honorable Mentions


People’s Choice

Lunch for 2 at the St. Regis Cafe


Prize Winners

Judge: Diane Leifheit

The VIC has invited Diane Leifheit to select the items to be hung for the show.  She will award a “Best in Show,” “Best Photo,” “Best Painting,” and “Honorable Mention” prize. We will also award a “People’s Choice” Award from the “Life on the Lakes “show at the conclusion of the juried art show.   People visiting the VIC will purchase ballots and vote on their favorite artwork in the show. All proceeds will go toward developing arts programming at the VIC.

Artist's Statement:

The box of used pastels I received as a very young artist was the beginning of my very long love affair with color. So too was the figure, when I enrolled the first time in a life drawing class with a live model placed in front of me and a dozen other artists. Those early memories are nearly as dusty as the work I make on paper of the Adirondack people and its landscape.

I begin a drawing in a sketchbook to get a feel for what I am looking at. Then I begin my painting on a sanded art paper that I have backed with mat board to make it stiff. Whether a face or a hillside, I am looking for big simple shapes. I begin finding form on the paper. I build up some color, then to some peoples horror, I wash it all down with a stiff brush and some Turpeniod, turning the initial work into lost edges and shifting abstractions of dark and light.

The board dries and I begin applying color again. This is a challenging and fun problem solving time. I look carefully at my subject. I find nuances of color. I am seeing color break into layers of other colors. Variations of one color sometimes give way to opposite color. There is green under an eye or orange where the sun lights up an ear from behind.

Then there is the spirit. In landscape it is the feel of the sun, the riffle of breeze. With people, there is the undercurrent of their life in their eyes, then a subtle letting go, a trust that I do see them under their hat, behind their glasses. I work hard to paint what I see, fair witness to who the person is at that moment.

To capture the essence, to create resonance in the image. That is the goal.

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